Registered Door-To-Door Vendors

Perry Township Police issue vendor permits to companies & individuals that want to canvass in the township promoting their goods and services. The vendors are required to provide a driver's license or state-issued ID card for each individual that will be in the township. A criminal history check is run from Franklin County court records. The township does not review the vendors business and a vendor's permit is NOT a recommendation from the township, only a permit for them to canvass in the township. Check with the Better Business Bureau to find out more about a vendor

Food Truck Protocol: Food-Truck-Protocol

If you have any concerns or problems with a door-to-door vendor, please call the Perry Township Police Department at 614-889-9508 

Please request to see the vendors permit issued by the Perry Township Police Department (this is the application that has been approved & signed by the Chief of Police).

Approved Vendors

Weed Man Lawn Care
--Chad Gonzales
--Gavin Wynn
--Andrew Saffle
--Cody Fooce
--Christopher Wynn

AT&T Home Products
--Bradley Hashim
--Lauren Mapes
--Dawson Bonde

Aptive Environmental Pest Control
--Timothy Hankins, 

--Aaron Childs
--John Blair
--Andrew Jensen