Cottages at Brookside Development

The Cottages at Brookside is a condo development at the end of Greenvale Dr in Brookside Estates. The development will consist of 23 condominiums by the Brookside Country Club's golf course. 

The Cottages at Brookside's development application, plans, and drawings are available to view below along with the amendment to the Zoning Resolution creating the Brookside Planned Overlay District. Questions and inquiries about the project can be made via, or to Emre Scarlata at (415) 794-1836. 

The Board of Trustees initiated process of rezoning the property to the Brookside Planned Overlay District (BPOD) on August 2, 2021 with an application designated 154-RZ-21. The project was presented to the Zoning Commission and deliberated upon in public hearings on September 9 and September 23, 2021 before being approved by the Commission. The Board of Trustees accepted the Zoning Commission's recommendation of approval for the creation of the BPOD on October 18, 2021. 

The application for the development plan for the Cottages at Brookside was received in March, 2022, designated application number 157-RZ-22. The application went to the Zoning Commission in public hearing on April 5, 2022. The hearing was to determine if the developers met all the zoning requirements outlined by the BPOD in the Perry Township Zoning Resolution.