Application for Zoning Amendment

This application is for proposed amendments to the Perry Township Zoning Code per § 715 of the Zoning Code.

This permit cannot be submitted online or paid for online. You can print it out and submit to or mail to/drop off at: 7125 Sawmill Rd, Dublin, OH 43106. 


The application for any proposed amendment shall contain such information as required in the provided application form including, without limitation, the following:
1. A description or statement of the present and proposed provisions of this Zoning Resolution or the proposed change of the district boundaries of the Zoning District Map.
2. A description by map or text of the property to be affected by the proposed change or amendment.
3. A statement of the relation of the proposed amendment to the general health, safety and morals of the public in terms of need or appropriateness within the area by reason of changed or changing conditions and the relation to appropriate plans for the area.
4.  A list of the names and addresses of all owners of property within, contiguous to and directly across the road from and all other property owners within two hundred (200) feet of such area proposed to be rezoned. Such a list shall be in accordance with the Franklin County Auditor's current tax list 


Applications for Zoning Amendment changes must be filed with all pertinent information as it pertains to the requirements of the Perry Township Zoning Resolution and all other requested information required by the Perry Township Zoning Commission in order to be considered complete. This application will not be considered filed until all the required information has been received and the application fee paid, and the Perry Township Zoning Commission reserves the right to postpone applications until such time as the requirements are met.