Crime Victim Rights Resources

Crime victims are provided certain rights detailed in the Ohio Constitution Article I, Section 10(a) and the Ohio Revised Code, often called “Marsy’s Law” or the Ohio Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights.

Crime victims have the right to reasonable notice, to be present and heard at all court proceedings, to be informed of the release of the offender, to offer input on negotiated pleas, to a prompt conclusion of their case, and to restitution for economic losses resulting from the criminal offense or delinquent act. Some rights are automatic, some must be requested to be exercised.

On this page you can find copies of the victim rights request form, crime victim assistance resources, and other information if you have been the victim of a crime. 

Crime Victim Rights Form

The Ohio Crime Victim Rights Request Form is required to be given to a victim of a criminal offense or delinquent act by the law enforcement agency investigating the offense pursuant to Ohio R.C. 2930.04. The form is available on line for you to electronically complete. 

You can print the completed form and bring or mail it to Perry Township Police Headquarters at 7125 Sawmill Rd, or email the completed form to Please include the report number in the subject line if you know it. 

Crime Victim Rights Form: