Most zoning permits can be submitted and paid for online by clicking on the link to the left labeled "Permits". Permits & payments can also be dropped off at the Administrative office (Building# 1) from 9:00-4:00 weekdays and there is a secure DropBox on the front of Building #2 where you can drop off 24 hours a day. Please call 614-889-2669 for questions or to make an appointment for a permit (if needed). You can also email Mary Geiss at mgeiss@perrytwp.org with questions or permits.

Zoning codes have been enacted within Perry Township  and are administered in order to provide orderly development and preserve the character of our neighborhoods. To view a copy of the Zoning code, click on the link on the left labeled "Zoning Code". It is a PDF that is searchable by key words.

The township has enacted a zoning resolution, which provides for a zoning inspector and a board of zoning appeals. The individuals holding these positions are charged with the administration of the zoning ordinances.

Code Enforcement

The township has also developed a comprehensive Exterior Property Maintenance Code, designed to help residents and business owners protect their property values and maintain the integrity of their community.

In Perry Township the Township Administrator, Beth Beatty, oversees all zoning activity and property maintenance. Beth handles all permits for residential and commercial properties. Beth and Mary both can assist you with a permit for a Dumpster, POD, Garage Sale or Contractor Sign.

Beth is in charge of making sure all zoning regulations are enforced within the township. It is also the responsibility of the Zoning department to ensure that the exterior property maintenance code is being followed. The zoning department is here to assist you with all zoning issues and regulations. Please contact us for help and/or information before you decide to embark on a project. We will strive to assist you in any way possible.