Spring Brush Chipping


Once a year in the spring, the Road department goes through the Township several times with the chipper machine to help residents dispose of tree/brush trimmings. 

The LONGER the branch the BETTER!!! All trimmings fewer than 4 feet in length must be BUNDLED or put into CONTAINERS for pickup. Branches fewer than 4 feet in length not bundled or in containers, WILL NOT be picked up.

Small twigs and sticks are a SAFETY HAZARD to the road crew. As a safety precaution we ask that branches fewer than 4 feet in length be bundled or put into containers such as trash cans or yard waste bags for Rumpke to collect on trash pick up day.

Click on the link below to read the regulations concerning the acceptable SIZE of the trimmings.

Please contact Road Superintendent Ian Warren with any questions. Call 614-889-8781 or email iwarren@perrytwp.org

An example of a perfect brush pile. All the trimmings are organized with the cut ends facing the street, contain no debris or vines, and are all greater than 4 feet in length.