Winter Snow Removal

During winter, the road crew is on call to respond to snow and ice events in the township. Our crew will work as fast as they can to keep the roads clear for you, but ask that you follow these important guidelines to help keep our roads, and you, safe:

  • Slow down. Ice may not be clearly visible on the street. It is important to drive extra carefully during inclement weather.
  • Keep the road clear. Please do not park your car on the street during snow and ice events. Our snowplows need all the room they can get to effectively clear the roads of snow and ice.
  • Be patient. Our crew works hard to improve road conditions. Snowplows are large machines and their drivers work in weather that reduces visibility. They will drive slowly for their safety and your own.
  • Be alert. Snowplows can turn onto or from streets with little warning. Additionally, they may need room to move across street centerlines or partially into traffic to improve road conditions.
  • Stay back. Maintain a distance of at least 10 car lengths between your vehicle and the snowplow. The snow kicked up by a plow can greatly reduce your visibility. 

Please call the Road Department with any questions or concerns about snow removal at 614-889-8781