Road Construction Updates

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----2019 Road Repaving Projects                                                                                                                                          The Township Trustees have approved the following road work:                                                                        *Milling and paving with the Franklin County Engineer of the following streets in the Township later this summer...                                                                                                                                                                                    Darwin Dr, Estel Rd, Winston Ct East & West, Larkstone Dr, Havenhill Dr, Banbury Dr and Clubview Blvd South from the Township line to near CC Club entrance.                                                                                          *Rejuvenator, an asphalt pavement preservation substance, will be applied to Oakview & Hickory Ridge to extend the life of the new pavement from last summer                                                                                                      *Gutters will be replaced on the cul-de-sacs of Markhaven Dr and Markland St                                                          Check back in late spring for updated information on all these projects


--AUQA Waterline Project: Lawn Restoration Efforts Spring 2019 – Clubview South & Park Ridge

UPDATE: April 29: Restoration is being done by Woods Landscaping.  

Most of the areas that had straw over the winter months were dormant seeded in December 2018 and those areas have germinated as of April 30th. Park Ridge & Clubview S 

There are new areas where topsoil has been added this spring to correct settlement over the winter. These areas have been seeded and straw was applied. That seed is expected to germinate within 2 – 3 weeks from April 29, 2019

As of May 1st the following has been done:

  • Hickory Ridge and Oakview ~ close mow, weed control and slice seeding. Fall 2018
  • Park Ridge and Clubview S. ~ Soil, seed and straw applied in Dec 2018. Soil seed and straw applied to repair settling April 2019.

There are some areas that will need to be slice seeded again, primarily where new curbs were installed. This will be done within the next 2 weeks, weather permitting, by May 15th  


  • Soil & seed additions                                                   Complete May 1
  • Slice seeding post seed germination                         By May 15th
  • Post emergent weed control                     Mid to Late May-potentially into June

After seed has germinated you should begin mowing weekly within 1-2 weeks of germination. Ideally with a small push mower until it has been mowed 3 to 4 times. Then a larger mower may be used.

There are many factors affecting seed germination and growth: soil & air temps, radiant energy (sun), moisture, wind and microclimate (one lawn area may be different from another due to physical location).

Generally seed germination has been very successful and seeded lawns take a full season to fully become established. Please be patient as we work to restore the lawns back to original conditions.

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