Road Construction Updates

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----UPDATE: McVey Blvd is now OPEN to traffic. The project to repair the culvert is completed! Thanks to the hard work of the Franklin County Engineer's Bridge department the project was completed 2 days earlier than expected! Thank you for your patience during the repairs. If you would like to see pictures of the completed project go to our Facebook page (Perry Township Franklin County) or the Perry Township Road department Instagram perry_township.road                                                                                                                                                 

Estel/Darwin Rd Project:  August 16: The first step of this project is complete: the road repairs have been done. Step 2 is milling of the road to prepare it for a new road surface. Step 3 (final step) is the actual re-paving of the road. We do not have the dates for Steps 2 & 3 yet but will post them here and on Facebook, Instagram & twitter when we have the schedule. #brooksideestates

----2019 Road Repaving Projects                                                                                                                                          The Township Trustees have approved the following road work:                                                                                  **Milling and paving with the Franklin County Engineer of the following streets in the Township later this summer/fall... Darwin Dr, Estel Rd, Winston Ct East & West, Larkstone Dr, Havenhill Dr, Banbury Dr and Clubview Blvd South from the Township line to near CC Club entrance.                                                                          **Gutters will be replaced on the cul-de-sacs of Markhaven Dr and Markland St                                                          Check back for updated information on all these projects--dates will be posted as soon as we get a schedule from the Franklin County Engineer's Office