Construction Updates


UPDATE  DECEMBER 27, 2018: Waterline installation is complete on Clubview South & Park Ridge as of December 6, 2018. Restoration of the landscape started soon after. Aqua has contracted with Woods Landscaping for restoration work, which will resume as soon as weather permits.  

  • Initial restoration consisted of cultivating existing soil adding soil and grading the site as needed and applying the seed using a 90% tall fescue 10% bluegrass mix at a rate of 10 lbs. per 1000 square feet.
  • Straw was applied to insulate the seed bed and prevent soil erosion.
  • In March WLS will address any soil settling that occurred in the winter by adding soil as needed and seed with a 90% tall fescue 10% bluegrass mix.
  • In early spring WLS will apply a selective pre-emergent herbicide with starter fertilizer. This will fertilize the dormant seed and reduce undesirable weed growth in the seeded areas.
  • Once soil temperatures warm up to allow the dormant seed to germinate a follow up visit will be made by WLS to over seed any areas where the seed did not germinate. Typically this will be late April to early May.   SEE BELOW FOR INFORMATION SHEETS                               Information will be distributed to the affected properties with more details about the restoration process. People with specific questions about the restoration process may email Tom Wood at                                                               Contact for AQUA: Andy Hippley  330-397-0776