Earth Day

Perry Township encourages our residents to celebrate Earth day by participating in conservation activities at home. 

Perry Township partners with Franklin County Soil & Water and gives native trees to the 5th grade students at Brookside and Worthington Hills elementary schools. This year's native tree was the unique Shagbark Hickory, with its distinct silver-white, shaggy bark. 

Planting a native tree is a fun and simple way to partake in Earth Day activities and learn about the benefits that native plants have on our local ecosystem. Native plants provide a natural source of food for our wildlife, especially pollinators like bees. Native plants also often have deeper and more extensive root systems than non-native plants. These root systems help manage stormwater by preventing erosion and providing extra filtration, keeping our waterways clean. 

We encourage you to share your Earth Day activities with us on Facebook: With your permission, we would love to share your positive environmental actions with the community. With your help, we can promote a healthy and clean community. 

Trees Delivered to Worthington Hills Elementary
Shagbark Hickory in open - Not NFS image